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Full service vending for your state, county, or city

Better vending machines

All product requests and service issues go through us, so we can monitor the service, handling mediation if necessary.

No charge for equipment

All vending machines are provided and maintained by our operators, with no cost to you and your business.

Regional favorites included

We customize all the vending machine menus to include regional favorites, such as ethnic food and drinks.

Technologically advanced

Our energy efficient vending machines not only accept credit and debit cards, but also mobile payment options.

No lost money

A guaranteed product delivery system is installed on snack machines which provides a refund if a product doesn’t dispense.

Full service vending from soda to snacks

Enjoy exceptional brand name products from high-end cold beverage, snack, and food vending machines.

Vending machines from Universal Vending Management

Get the most popular beverages

UVM has close relationships with brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Dr Pepper/ Snapple/ 7Up to ensure you get trendy drinks.

Universal Vending Management vending machines

Enjoy quality, name brand snacks

We specialize in delivering taste satisfaction with national product brands as well as regional and ethnic specialities.

Vending machines by Universal Vending Management

Eat fresh and healthy

Choose a fresh food program which delivers delicious options to your breakroom, including healthy choices.

Vending needs all from one source

Our management services provides one source for all your customer service needs across your facility, or multiple facilities nationwide.

Large enough to have top notch service, UVM is still small enough for that personal relationship. Our clients all know their UVM team by name and can always get a real person on the phone.

  • One phone number for any issue or question
  • Accountable team you know personally
  • Multiple services under one vending management company

Create an exceptional breakroom with better vending machines from UVM — 800.553.0053, 908.233.4373, or [email protected].

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