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Professional management services for amusement and bulk vending machines

Easy bulk vending solutions

Offer small, fun items in bulk vending machines that will entice guests and offer collectable prizes.

Edible treats

Earn extra cash from candy and gum bulk vendors including gumballs, hard candies, chewy candies, and more.

Fashionable stickers

Entice guests with affordable, yet eye-catching stickers of popular characters in dedicated bulk vending machines.

Tiny toys

Dispense capsules of fun with bulk vending machines that deliver small toys, perfect for guests looking for prizes.

Benefit from entertainment equipment

UVM contracts for the hottest amusement games, bulk vending machines, rides, and more all provided from preferred service providers.

Pool tables

Whether you want to offer customers a chance at a game or hold full pool tournaments, we can provide the right pool table program.

Air hockey

Enjoy profits from fast-action air hockey tables without the maintenance thanks to service from UVM professional partners.

Kiddie rides

Benefit from some extra income when you contract UVM to install and manage kiddie rides at your business.

Skill cranes

Pump up the fun at your business with games of skill and prizes using crane and claw machines from UVM partners.

Arcade games

Entertain guests and make your business memorable with a range of different arcade games that net you commissions.

Video games

Provide action/adventure games, shooting games, simulator games, and more to customers looking for an extra thrill.

Partner with the management company experienced in contracting amusement services — UVM at 800.553.0053, 908.233.4373, or [email protected].

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