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Easily manage hospitality coin and card operated laundry room services with UVM


UVM contracts with thousands of partners in order to deliver hassle-free, convenient laundry services for our customers.

Laundry services by . Universal Vending Management

Hotel Laundry Service

Contract our hotel laundry services to manage installing and maintaining washers and dryers for guests.

Universal Vending Management laundry servics

Apartment Laundry Management

Eliminate the constant questions, lost money, and maintenance issues associated with apartment laundry rooms.

Laundry services from Universal Vending Management

Around the clock support

UVM has an 800 number to call anytime of day or night for service issues.

UVM simplifies the process

By contracting with UVM, you eliminate the need to find equipment, collect money, and perform maintenance. We ensure all customers also receive the most competitive pricing and commissions as well as a guaranteed high level customer service. We review our partner service providers regularly to ensure you are getting clean, reliable, and modern equipment.

Wash your hands of laundry service thanks to the professional partners of UVM. Contact us at 800.553.0053, 908.233.4373, or [email protected].

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