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Build collaborative and interactive breakrooms through pantry service from our professional partners

An employee perk everyone wants

Employee benefit

Employees feel more loyal and appreciative of companies that offer free food and drinks in the breakroom.

Healthy alternatives

Stocking nutritious and specialty items in the breakroom makes it easy for workers and guests to eat healthier.

Customize break rooms
to fit your location

Pantry service can be crafted in many different ways to ensure it fits your location, budget, and specific goals.

Corporate pantries by Universal Vending Management

Ultimate break room

Set your company apart by elevating your breakroom to the highest standards — providing free refreshments.

Employee convenience

Nothing beats offering grab and go items that employees really love when hoping to retain and attract top talent.

One stop shop for
all your pantry needs

UVM makes getting all your pantry service needs accomplished effortlessly and affordably with just one point of contact.

Nothing beats pantry service as the ultimate benefit

The right pantry service can improve company morale and make a happier, more productive workplace.

Universal Vending Management corporate pantries

Reliable vendor network

UVM works with a vast network of dependable vendors in order to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.

One point of contact

Manage multiple services easily with just one contact for you to call, one commission check, and one report to review.

Corporate pantries by Universal Vending Management
Universal Vending Management corporate pantries

Coverage across locations

As a national management company, we can contract services for all your facilities regardless of where they are located.

Reach out to UVM to ensure your pantry service wins you the talent you want — 800.553.0053, 908.233.4373, or [email protected].

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