Why Use a Vending Management Company?

  • Reduce the hassles of finding and overseeing vending machine operators in each location.
  • Increase accountability and consistency of pricing and cash collections.
  • Have ONE contact for ANY type of vending situation: service call, change of equipment or questions.
  • Provide your staff more time to do the job they were hired for instead of worrying about a vending machine.
Can you answer these questions about your vending program?
  • Is a consistent pricing and commission program in place for your vending machines?
  • What vending equipment is at each of your locations?
  • On a monthly basis, what revenue was generated on each machine?
  • Have you received all your commissions due?
  • Who within your organization negotiated the terms and conditions of each vending machine placement?
  • What are the latest vending innovations and energy efficiencies?
  • Who to call with a question or service call or to make changes with your vending machines?
Our clients can easily answer all of these questions. They have realized that vending is a revenue source and/or an employee satisfaction tool that needs professional management.

UVM manages vending machine programs for large companies and companies that think large. If your company is ready to recognize that vending is serious to your bottom line, customer satisfaction and employee retention, then letís talk. We are ready to work with you on simplifying your vending program while growing your revenues.
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